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The Inspector


Remy "The Inspector" is Youth Radio’s sports specialist. He presents the programme “Youth Sports.” He loves the local angle. He not only covers the local sports events, but presents the results of the matches played.  The local sport organisations, teams and individual athletes are all welomed to the studio for a sitdown and talk about their sport events and plans.

The public is welcome to call in during the program. The idea, he explained, is to get more people to come out and support the local sports events. Remy tries to cover all sports on St. Maarten. He also gives information on international sports and results. “It is a popular show. All the sports lovers tune to listen,” said Remy, explaining that he acknowledges the different athletes and sport fans during his programme. He tries to get the youths who are not involved in sports interested to get them involved.

The Inspector is holds down the peoples choice program daily fron 14:00 - 16:00 and also one of the host of the "Request Line", on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 19:00 -20:00. Remy has been with Youth Radio since its inception and says working at Youth Radio is ‘fun.’ The communication among the crew is very good. “We always have a lot of fun.” 
The Inspector sports programme is once a week on Wednesday’s from 8 to 9pm.

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19:00:00 - 19:59:00 Request Line
Monday Wednesday Friday
19:00:00 - 19:59:00 Speak Your Mind
Tuesday Thursday

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