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Dutty Sham


An edu-tainment specialist, mostly known to be the stress reliever. That is how Dutty Sham describes himself. I like to crack jokes. My programme is like a party but with information and interviews. Sham, who is on air from Monday to Friday, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm, has been with Youth Radio for three years. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday he has the request line where the public calls in to hear their favourite songs. Saturday, from 3:00 to 7:00pm is dedicated to the young, local artists. On his programme he likes to bring out different languages and he makes an issue of it to try learning as many words in foreign languages as possible.
Dutty Sham likes to play a mixture of music of mostly local and Caribbean music, soca, dancehall and reggae. But he will also play R&B and hip hop. He interviews many local artists. Dutty Sham is known for his catchy slangs to positively inspire. This one he uses about partying: Come with your queen, leave your machine. Another popular slang is: Everything plugged in, nothing plugged out.
My idea is to have fun. You need that, and good music. Dutty Sham encourages the youth to stay in school, many times referring to himself where it comes to the importance of studying. He said his audience consists mostly of people who have the radio on at work. Businesses listen to us. We shout out to them. But Dutty Sham is also convinced that he is popular with the teens.
Dutty Sham is also famous as a local artist and has seven years of radio experience. He came out with an album in 2006. Sales of that dancehall album went very well. Im also a rapper, MC, comedian and actor. Im an all-round entertainer, he said with his typical big smile.        

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