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Betti V

Musical Background
Found her start in the church choir on Sunday mornings, later gained the courage to enter several children''''s song festivals. She was a member of the renown chidren''''s choir "The Lollipops" where she trained under the leadership of Ms Anastatia Larmonie, St. Maarten''''s Ambassador of Music.

Musical Inspiration
Whitney Houston, India Arie, Diane Krall, Ella Fitzgerald and Jill Scott.

Musical Style
R&B / Jazz, started off emulating Whitney Houston. Considers her style a work in progress.

Love being in a band because
The opportunity to explore and experiment with her musical inspirations with other talented musicians; to create original recordings. And, of course, traveling and performing in different countries and audiences.

Occupation/Personal Interests
Loves to read and listen to music with lots of lyrical content.

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