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Maikal X

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Maikal X.
The name one of Holland's most talented artists goes by: Michael Parkinson a.k.a. Shyrock a.k.a. Rollarocka. He’s presently working on his soon to be released solo material.

After having started his career as MC for AmoLab amongst others, Maikal X was a part of Postmen for nine years (with Anonymous Mis and G Boah).

He conquered Europe with his popular hip-hop/reggae act, performed at renowned festivals such as Pinkpop and Lowlands. He was awarded among other things with a Heineken Crossover award, a Zilveren Harp and the Popprijs on top of having major hits such as ‘Cocktail’ and ‘You Wait’. The debut album ‘Documents’ is still considered one of the best sold hip-hop/reggae albums ever in the Netherlands. Grossing over 70,000 albums sold.

After leaving the group, he became a much sought-after guest artist and worked with a host of Dutch artists. Now he is ready to make his entrance as a solo artist in his own right, with a name which is no longer tied to his musical past but to his future, thus Maikal.

"Michael is my own name, X stands for the different things I am known for, whether it is featuring with Opgezwolle, Extince or U-Niq or my years with Postmen. The names Shyrock and RollaRocka will always continue to be associated with me, and that's alright. In the end it is not the name, but the music you bring out".

In possession of a brand-new contract with the independent record label Rock ..N Vibes, responsible for the success of Ziggi, Maikal dove into the studio with producer Mr. Rude, to record new solo material. His first track is being given away for free on the Internet.

In spite of his successful past, he has a realistic outlook on his musical future. "I see myself as a new artist and as such, I have to prove myself. People are aware of the kind of work I have done throughout the years, but I have long been away from the limelight". Quote Mr. Rude: "It is a blessing to work with Maikal X"

As Shy Rock, Maikal has been hosting Dancehall and Reggae events for quite some years alongside DJ Waxfiend under the name Jamrock. Together they are responsible for raising the profile of the genre in the Netherlands.

Starting from scratch, they managed to organize weekly parties in Amsterdam's Brasil Bar and to add to that they organize four parties in Paradiso every year, each one usually sold out. The Hemkade in Zaandam gets the same treatment twice a year. Next to all this, they have a weekly Jamrock-radio show on FunX.

"In three years with dancehall and reggae, we have reached more in a shorter period of time than in all those years with hip-hop. That has to do with the spirit of the times. People are more open to new things; the different genres are coming closer together. Dancehall nowadays is a lot closer to hip-hop and house; it is real party music".

Dancehall according to Maikal X has become a complete movement, a different world appealing to many different nationalities. "The genre is not colour-related. It's ‘music for everybody’. While it does have similarities to hip-hop, it is far more critical of society and is less misogynistic".

While his own music will mostly be veering towards dancehall and reggae, there will also be ample room for his old love, hip-hop. Maikel X also isn't ready to exclude other influences. "I think in terms of good and bad music, not in stereotypes. A good song is a good song, regardless of the genre. "I will not restrict myself".

X will soon be "planting his feet on the stage again" when he will be opening for Ziggi during his upcoming ‘In Transit’ tour. Something he hasn't done in a long time, but to which he is looking forward tremendously.

"I don’t have any pretensions. I want to bring my musical vision, share my view on things with people who appreciate it. My heart has belonged to music ever since I was a kid; it is my home”.

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