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High Intensity

Facts & Bio of High Intensity


Founded in 2000, by Producer, Engineer and Keyboardist Kevin Watkins along with his wife Dulcie (Lady Smooth) Watkins, High Intensity originated out of what was an initial studio production aimed at introducing prospective clients to the sound of their production company and Studio, (Hitlab Entertainment & Production/HITLAB RECORDING STUDIO). The group soon found itself performing at popular venues around Antigua and thus creating even more impact with the public. The band has continued to perform regularly at popular venues in their hometown Antigua. The band has travels to various neighboring islands and has performed alongside prominent bands such as Imagination Brass, Violators, Impromptu, Jam Band & WCK, burning Flames & Red Hot Flames. High Intensity is a 6-member group, which is comprised of four (4) males backing musician and two (2) upfront lead vocalist. The group captured the Road March title 2001, only after 1 year in existance. The band has released 7 albums to date, starting in 2001 "In U Face - like no other", 2002 "INTENSIFIED", and was adjudged "Sweetest Sounding Band On The Road. 2003 "REMOVING OBSTACLES (Braga Dang Dang It's War!!!)", 2004 "RYDIN DA TYDES", 2005 "BACK 2 BASICS". After taking a break from producing a full album in 2006, the much awaited and anticipated album "NO BRAKES, NO BELLS......Full Speed Ahead" was released in 2007. In 2008 the bands released its "Bitta Betta Badda" album. The band has continued to produce infectuous groove songs as can be heard in tracks "Can't Get Enough" "Can't Dun" "Fyah One" and some very deep romantic soca's in "Hold Me" "I Love It" "Hooked On You" " Thrill Me" "So Sweet" not forgeting their signature folklure styles of "Joukx" "Heel & Toe" & "U-10-cils". The band is also capable of turning up the pace and mashing up any fete with thacks such as"Player Haters" "Behind De Truck" "Dunka Dam" "Colors" "Create Confusion" "Queen Ah De Pack" "Trumpet" & "Ge We Rhythm". High Intensity continues to stay focused and true to its aims and objectives which is to be a band of a difference and with a difference!!!. Be sure to catch the Intensity whenever they are in your area.

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