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Ambassador Junior Lion

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Facts & Bio of Ambassador Junior Lion

Born: 19 February 1980
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Elliot McCarrell Laurence,

a.k.a. Ambassador Junior Lion, was born on February 19th, 1980 in French St-Martin. He grew up in the district of Round the Pond, where he attended French Quarter Primary School, College de St. Martin, and then unto Lycee Polyvalent College where he studied Auto Mechanics. Junior Lion comes from a Musical Family, his father, Alfred Laurence, was a boxer, fisherman and a mason, he died on July 1997. His mother, Veronica Francis, is a songwriter and singer. Junior Lion was inspired by his older brother, Pompette, a.k.a. Lion (thus his name Junior Lion), a chanter and dancer who listened to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Big Youth and many more. He gave way to Junior Lions early inspiration and love for Reggae Music. His sisters Lydia and Shantell Laurence are international Zouk singers.


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