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Solo Soldier

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Facts & Bio of Solo Soldier

Born: 28 May 1985
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Leandro Bienvenido Bernard Richardson

AKA "Solo Soldier" was born on May 28th 1985 on the friendly island St. Maarten but shortly after a few years he moved to Europe where he was raised for 7 years. In the year 1995 Leandro went back to St. Maarten. He was a very bright and active child. Throughout the years following his arrival to his homeland Leandro took part in many activities. He went from school plays to modeling, but most importantly he was surrounded by activities involving music. ? His father who is a Guitarist/Singer alongside his musically talented sister are the main reasons for his wanting to proceed in the music industry. He followed in their footsteps and Performed for the first time live in the Festival Village as the opening act for International artist Bow Bow and ever since that performance Leandro has had a passion for the stage. After that performance he performed at various local shows where artist like Ja Rule and Ludacris were participating. Currently Leandro has one album on his belt titled Solo Soldier. He recently volunteered to star in a commercial add for a campaign called Talk Red to help spread the word about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent from getting it. He also just took part in the Annual Heineken Green Synergy contest and rapped his heart out to the crowd demonstrating just what “Solo Soldier” is about. ? One of his future goals is to open his own entertainment company on the island and making that company world wide. “Keep doing what you are doing now, but even better. Give it your all or don’t do it at all. Take what you get, until you get what you want. Never settle for less always try your best.” – Leandro Richardson. These are some encouraging words said by Leandro “Solo Soldier” Richardson. ? Written by: Luz Divina Jano

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